Thursday, May 22, 2014

Camo is the New Black

A new blog created to encourage women in hunting and fishing.  Great idea!  And I love the informational graphics like this one:

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Meanwhile back in the States....

Camille Fuller hooks into a big Steelhead swinging flies. (Calvin Fuller photo)
Tracy Pennell lands a beautiful steelhead swinging flies. (Tracy Pennell photo)

Photo courtesy of Dmitry Kochetov
Whitney Gould wins SpeyoRama 2014, Mia Sheppard casts 142 feet, and all the women sailed out some epic casts! Yeah Ladies! See results on Mia's blog HERE.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Big (Trigger) Fish Sonya Strikes Again

She just does it time and time again.  If you've ever tried to catch a triggerfish, then you know how absolutely challenging they are to hook and then to bring them to hand.   If not, think about stripping a teeny tiny fly through coral, managing to not snag the coral and thus spook the fish, then setting the hook into horse teeth <successfully>, and finally playing a fish that has every intention of finding the deepest darkest hole to hide and don't even think about putting your hand down there or it will bite your finger clean off.  Good luck getting that hook out.

Please go vote for Sonya, not just because she's dubbed Big Fish Sony for a reason, but because it takes mad skills to land a triggerfish and a monster one at that.  Then go try it for yourself.....(after voting please!!!!)  VOTE HERE On Moldy Chum Slab of the Month

Photo by Tim Pask
Photo by k8

Monday, March 10, 2014

Fish Mission: Kiritiamti

Fish Mission: Kiritimati from moldychum on Vimeo.

If this doesn't make you want to go to Christmas Island I don't know what will! We're leaving January 6, 2015!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Interview with Whitney Gould

Whitney Gould and I have known each other since we met in college in Vermont. Both painting majors, our studios were two doors down from each other. After college, she and I, and some of our other friends, moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn when the neighborhood was still an industrial wasteland and there was plenty of cheap studio/living space. We have been friends ever since (about twenty-five years) and although we no longer live around the corner from each other, we are still in touch. Neither one of us is painting anymore, I am a writer and she is a world casting champion. Both of us have moved about as far from Williamsburg or the east coast, or our original dreams as visual artists as we could ever have imagined.

Read the Rest of the Interview Here

Friday, February 28, 2014


Latest news just came out that the EPA, they are considering blocking the Pebble Mine!  Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

EPA Considers Blocking Pebble Mine

Bringing Bristol Bay Home

This is a piece Justin and I penned for the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership on Saving Bristol Bay.  Please take a moment to read and speak out to the EPA.  Thank you!
          We’re writing this from our recently purchased house on the rain-hammered winter coast of Oregon. Sheets of water are lashing against our windows, and the wind threatens to rip off the storm door. It’s a far cry from the GTs we were catching on Christmas Island a few weeks back in the warm sun. Now we’re here for the steelhead. Each season we guide winter-run steelhead in the heart of Oregon’s north coast. As a part of our dream, we created Frigate Travel, an outfitting company servicing and expanding a host of fishing destinations around the world. When steelhead season ends, the Sea of Cortez will lure us back for another season chasing and guiding roosterfish.

Continue Reading On TRCP

photo by k8

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fly Fishing In Louisiana

k8 and Remi with a big Red
       Recently we returned from an epic trip down to Louisiana where we absolutely crushed big Redfish on the fly. Frigate Travel took a group of guests and we fished with Capt.Greg Dini and his crew at Flywater Expeditions. Many fish over twenty pounds, some over thirty, and a couple pushing forty. All sight fishing and some popper fishing as well.

       It was a grand time to include amazing food in the Big Easy. As the photo above showed, the girls boat (k8 and Remi) kicked some butt one day and landed this fish among many many others. Thanks to all the guides for their patience, great attitudes, and winning personalities. We will be back!

 For more photos, check out Frigate Travel's Flickr Page.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Loomis Roaring River Dredger For Sale to Benefit Bristol Bay Campaign

Loomis Roaring River Dredger GLX Two Hand 13'9" 8/9wt (New in Box) CLICK HERE.
75% of the final sale price will support Sportsman's Alliance for Alaska


About this nonprofit:
The goal and purpose of the Sportsman?s Alliance for Alaska is to engage hunters and anglers, hunting and fishing conservation organizations, professional guides and outfitters, and companies in the hunting and angling product industries in campaigns to ensure that the wealth of hunting and angling opportunities on public lands in Alaska are maintained and improved for this and future generations.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Anglo American Abandons Pebble Mine Project

Anglo American has withdrawn from their partnership with Northern Dynasty for the proposed Pebble Mine, read all the good news HERE

And in other Save Bristol Bay News:

Press Release from Trout Unlimited to EPA:

CONTACT: Tim Bristol, Trout Unlimited's Alaska Program Director; 907-321-3291

ANCHORAGE, AK – Numbers released today show that nearly three in four Americans who commented on the EPA’s draft Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment supported protecting Bristol Bay, Alaska from harmful mining development in the form of the Pebble Mine. Approximately 654,000 of the over 895,000 total comments supported the EPA’s efforts to protect Bristol Bay, with numbers even higher among comments made by individuals (not mass mailed) and those coming from Alaska. The Bristol Bay region is a destination for sportsmen and anglers across the world and is known for its trophy rainbow trout, king salmon, and many other fish species.

“The American people have spoken: they simply do not want the Pebble Mine built on top of one of the world’s great sport and commercial fisheries,” said Tim Bristol, Director of Trout Unlimited’s Alaska Program. “The EPA should quickly finalize its Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment and use its Clean Water Act authority to ensure the long term protection of Bristol Bay and its fishery. The science supports it, Alaskans support it, and hunters and anglers across the lower 48 support the EPA as well.”

The comments coming specifically from Alaska were even more impressive, with nearly 5,000 people – or 84% of total comments – supportive of the EPA’s efforts to protect Bristol Bay. Those numbers were even higher in Bristol Bay, where 98% of over 1,200 comments are in favor of lasting protections for Bristol Bay. Among national individual comments, over 90% supported the EPA.

The EPA began its Watershed Assessment after 9-federally recognized tribes, commercial and sport fishermen, and others in Bristol Bay requested Clean Water Act protections from the proposed Pebble Mine. After two drafts, two rounds of public comments, and outside peer review, the EPA is preparing to finalize the Watershed Assessment later this year. In the draft assessment, the EPA determined that even without incident, a mine on the scale of Pebble could destroy up to 90 miles of salmon streams and 4,800 acres of wetland salmon spawning habitat.

For more information and breakdown on the comments, please click here.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Summer Rainbow

My friend, Tracy Pennell with a beautiful Oregon Rainbow.  Bonus points for the great hat Tracy!