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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An Interview with Dame Juiliana

In the first of a series of interviews with anglers past, Sam Snyder over at Headwaters of History, sits down with Dame Juliana:

Well, as I have noted in a previous post, interviews seem to be the craze for the fly fishing blog-o-sphere. So, I've decided to throw my hat in the ring with a twist. I am pleased to kick off this new series, "Interviews with Anglers Past," with an interview with the noted, famous, and potentially mythological Dame Juliana Berners. She’s most known for her authorship of a little text – “A Treatyse on Fishing with An Angle,” originally published in the 1496 edition of Book of St. Albans. Noted historian, Paul Schullery has referred to Berners as a ‘handy symbolic point of origin for the sport,” and it is a pleasure to have her her on Headwaters today. Click HERE to read the interview.