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Monday, March 19, 2012

Opportunistic Interview

      I procrastinate. The way I see it, most people do in one way or another. And honestly, can it really be labeled that negative word procrastination, when it’s more likely opportunistic? I make long lists that seem impossible to accomplish and as I slowly wade through them I tend to realize my plate is full, too full actually, and I just let it fall. And most of you who read this blog, likely appreciate that as the plate crashes sending grocery, to dos, and call backs flying across linoleum, I’m walking out the door to fish or hunt. While many of my friends understand all too well my good intentions can be overcast by my procrastination, or um, opportunistic nature, there is one gal I admire greatly who may be all too aware of this….Fly FishChick.

       I contacted her ages ago to try interviewing her for Rogue Angels. Not a procrastinator, she responded immediately despite my insanely ridiculous questions...which I thought were pretty funny but you may just shake your head, possibly not even get my humor. Oh No! And I wasn’t sure what to focus on with Fly Fish Chick. Then came Paddlefish, the book.

      I’m sure you’ll not be surprised to discover I didn’t purchase the book right away. But, I left it on the plate instead of sending it flying across the room. Paddlefish landed in my mailbox wearing a nice padded envelope just the other day. I’ve opened it, Kada warmed it up, and I'm just a few chapters in.

      As one of the first (possibly the very first?) woman fly fishing blogger, Fly Fish Chick (Christine Warren) has been entertaining us with her humor, wit, and sincerity.  I knew without a doubt her book would be a pleasure.  I've sailed through the first thirty pages this weekend learning about the Texas Water Safari 260 mile river journey and in these beginning stages the anguish of an unexpected turn of events.  The last sentence I just read from page 31, struck a chord:  "And while I knew this race would call for a huge dose of perseverance, I thought it would happen on the river.  I had no idea how much would be required before we ever put the boat in the water."

     I'm now emotionally invested. So please look for not only a review of Paddlefish (once I actually finish reading it) but an interview as funny and entertaining as Fly Fish Chick herself. That is to say, as long as I can get on her list of things to do.
Kada likes Paddlefish