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A 30.5" Rainbow Trout.  We release all wild rainbow trout. Gray Struznik photo.

Each summer since 2008,  I spend early June through mid October guiding at Alaska Sportsman's Bear Trail Lodge in Bristol Bay, Alaska on the Naknek River.  When the rivers open in early June we fish for large rainbow trout swinging hefty flies with sink tips in big water or flying out in small airplanes to remote streams for trout and char.  Gradually Chinook Salmon (or Kings) enter the river systems and we backtroll plugs for them just miles from the bay on both the Naknek and Nushagak rivers.  At the same time, our yearly escapement of over a million sockeye migrate into the Naknek and we spend part of the day fishing for these powerful salmon as well as continuing to fly to remote streams for trout and char fishing.  By early August, the sockeye have entered most small streams where they will spawn bringing aggressive trout and char into these areas as well. Meanwhile Coho salmon (Silvers) enter our larger rivers and with gear or flies, these fish will challenge even the most able angler.  By mid September many sockeye have spawned and passed, providing meals to all types of wildlife, and bringing voracious rainbow trout into our larger rivers.  While still flying to remote streams for large trout and char, we also fish the big rivers again with sink tips and large juicy flies...the fish can't resist, and neither can I...I keep coming back for more.  What follows is a gallery of my favorite photos throughout the past three seasons, please enjoy. 

Early Season Rainbows:

Sunrise on the Opener
Sunrise on the River Opener.

Guide Hell-V holding out a first day rainbow.
Swinging up big beautiful bows.

Meg with a 30.5" Alaska Rainbow-River Opener
Megan Lee holds up a brute of a rainbow.
me and Big G
One of my first days guiding, I got to hang with the big bear.

Melissa with a beauty of a rainbow.

Fishing dry flies for gorgeous rainbows.
Char Face
An early season Char.

The cutest things in Alaska.  Young bear cubs learn to swim by following their mothers across small creek channels.

Chinook Salmon Fishing:

Rogue Angel Brit and I with a Nushagak King
k8 and Britney with a nice King Salmon.  Kyle Edlund photo.
spinner king 2 r
k8 and a nasty big King.

KJ and Amy with a nice king salmon.

The infamous Heath and the wonderful Margorie with a bright King.

BW King Release
Releasing a King.

At the end of the day, you always got to fillet.

Sockeye Salmon Fishing:
bday goodness r
My best birthday ever.

Rogue Angel Ashley with a nice sockeye
Ashley with our lunch for the day.

Guide Mike Kennedy and I with the day's limit of sockeye.

Summertime Fishing:

Trout fishing in the summertime on a river all to yourself.  (well, you'll have to share it with the bears)

The beloved twin and I with a beautiful rainbow.

Always in the same spot
Seems this eagle is always watching me as I jet up river.

The river chock full of sockeye.

A beautifully colored char.

Leaping after his meal.

match the hatch
Matching the hatch of eggs with a bead.

Linda fishing with brown bears.

A nicely colored char and me.

A family fishing together in the rain, stays together.
Salmon and rocks
Sockeye Salmon swimming in a small stream
k8 and big char
k8 with a nice char,  Kent Creed photo
Coho Salmon Fishing:

Joe Metes and I with a fat coho salmon he got on the fly and released.

Lori with Silver
Rogue Angel Lori with a great catch.

Silver Scales
The scales of a silver salmon.

Fall Fishing:
Fall on the Naknek river, the colors are beautiful. k8 photo

Me with a big fat fall rainbow.
My mom and I with a nice rainbow she caught, first time using a fly rod!
My dad and my mom fishing with me in Alaska.

A beautiful bright rainbow in the fall.  Kris Fausti photo.

Two Eagles Is Better Than One
Double Eagles.

Myself and 2010 Guide Academy's top student, Gayle Bartman.
k8 with a bright and healthy fall rainbow.

Brown bear cubs stay with their mother for two years before getting kicked out of the 'house', they are often seen snuggling their moms like this. k8 photo

A nice trophy rainbow from the Naknek River, 30.5 inches.  Gray Struznik photo.

A beautiful fall day on the Naknek River. k8 photo

Dying Sockeye bring in the large rainbows.

rainbows coming at you
Big River Rainbow Caught Swinging.

Brown bears may eat over ten Sockeye Salmon a day!

Me, Andrew, and 27x14 Alaskan Rainbow
k8 and Andrew Schweitzer with a beautiful fall rainbow.

Testing out the new Loop Multi Rod
k8 with a nice fall rainbow.  Dan Cichouski photo.

Every year two eagles make their nest across from the lodge and we watch as their young is born and its progress throughout the summer months.  This young eagle had no problem learning to fly.

Bow in the snow
Late fall snowy rainbow.  Isn't she beautiful?

fish on spey
Mark Huber walking his big fish into shore on the big river.

Pedro caught a nice fall bow
Pedro with a big river rainbow caught swinging.

Rogue Angel k8 with a fall rainbow.  Kris Fausti photo.

Nice lighting for a Fausti bow
Rogue Angel Kris with a big river rainbow.

Head Shake. Justin Crump photo.

Sunrise on the big river.

Late Fall Char Fishing:

Rogue Angel Amy, char and stogie
Rogue Angel Amy Owsichek with a hefty char

Char and Kristen, sister on the fly
Sister On The Fly, Kristin, and I with her big char.

Char Focal
Long time guest John and I with a great fall char. Justin Crump photo.

The Crumpster and John with a nice fat char.

Char Face.

Char Face On the Water
Fish Eye Char Face complete with Jolie lips. Justin Crump photo.

Dead Sockeye Salmon on the beach of a river.  It might stink, but it's the circle of life.

where te wild things are
My favorite late season photo...Termination Dust.

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