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Wild Steelhead are only found in a fraction of their historical range.  Please carefully handle these fish and practice catch and release.  Take a moment to read Dylan Tomine's State of the Steelhead. Donate to Native Fish Society or Wild Steelhead Coalition.  Volunteer for habitat restoration.  And in between all your good deeds, wander our updated gallery full of beautiful wild steelhead caught and released by some spectacular female anglers.

k8 releasing a big buck
Releasing a wild steelhead.

Rogue Angel k8 and a beautiful hen with some color.  Steelhead released.

Rogue Angels Anette Lauder and k8.  Steelhead released.  Adrienne Comeau photo.

Adrienne Comeau of The Female Angle.  Wild Steelhead, released.

Bright chrome wild steelhead, fresh from the ocean.  Released.

"Snow on the ground, steelhead in the river."  k8 and wild steelhead, released.

Rogue Angel Kim Beedle with a big steelhead, released.

k8 with a swung up chromer, released.  Tim Pask photo.

Hannah Belford of Flyfishergirl with a fall steelhead, released.
Rogue Angel Adrienne Comeau.  Photo by Anette Lauder.  Steelhead, released.

Rogue Angel k8 and wild chromer, released.

My favorite fish of the season.  A 37 inch hen, released.

Rogue Angel Leah Zantigh and Andrew Sells.  Wild Steelhead, released.

Rogue Angels: Adrienne Comeau, k8, Whitney Gould, & Annette Lauder.  Whit's 40 Inch Wild Steelhead. Released.

Another look at the big forty inch buck, released.  Whitney Gould.

Up Close Precision.  Adrienne Comeau photo. Steelhead=released.

k8 and Leah. Steelhead released.  Adrienne Comeau photo.

k8 and big buck, released.

The Crumpster and Leah Zantigh with a sweet little chicken, released.

The Crumpster and k8 releasing a Steelhead duo

Steelhead focal bw
Rogue Angel k8 and a Washington Steelhead.
k8 and The Crumpster with a chrome winter fish, released.
A good note to end on.  Wild buck released.
Letting Go in BC
Rogue Angel k8 releasing a wild steelhead

Please practice Catch and Release.

Rogue Angel Sonya and BC Steel
Rogue Angel Sonya Pask with a beautiful wild steelhead.

Rogue Angel k8 and Rogue Angel Leah with a BC Steelhead
Rogue Angels k8 and Leah Zantingh with a wild steelhead.

Rogue Angel Dawn Fischer-Chou holding up the best Valentine's Day present.

Rogue Angel Kateri with more chrome
Rogue Angel Kateri Clay with a great Oregon wild steelhead.

Adrienne Comeau, last cast steel
Rogue Angel Adrienne Comeau of The Female Angle with a gorgeous steelhead in the dark.

Whitney Gould with a steelhead in the rain.

Rogue Angel Adrienne Chrome
Rogue Angel Adrienne Comeau with a chromer steelhead.

k8 solo fish
Sometimes fishing alone can set you right again.

k8-Steelhead, Beulah Switch
Rogue Angel k8 with a nice Washington steelhead.

Hannah Belford of Flyfishergirl holds up her first steelhead of the 2009 season.

Rogue Angel Mia Sheppard of Metalheads with a pretty steelhead and her hunting dog

Adrienne Comeau, steelhead 3
Rogue Angel Adrienne Comeau and a beautiful Canadian wild steelhead

Rogue Angels rockin' it!
Rogue Angel Kateri Clay and a young angel with a gorgeous steelhead.

k8 2009 winter steelie
Rogue Angel k8 with a chromer winter steelhead.

Rogue Angel Kateri and 2Brews
Snow on the ground, steelhead in the water, Rogue Angel Kateri and the legendary 2Brews with a sweet wild steelhead.

Monday Morgan
Rogue Angel Morgan of The Sand Hill Blog holds up a beautiful colored steelhead.

Rogue Angel Mia Sheppard with a nice wild fish

k8 winter steel

Rogue Angel Lisa Rice with one of her first steelhead.

Rogue Angel Kim, first steelie
Rogue Angel Kim Beedle and her first steelhead!

Adrienne Comeau steelhead 2
Rogue Angel Adrienne Comeau

It's pretty easy to pull Rogue Angel Laura Jenkins away from the books for one of these.

Rogue Angel Dawn Fischer-Chou.

We feel it is important to remove hatchery steelhead from the river systems helping free up spawning areas for wild steelhead as well as helping preserve these wild strains. Whether you choose to bonk them is up to you.

Rogue Angel Whit and I and hatchery steel
Rogue Angel k8 and Whit, with one of Whit's chromer brats

Rogue Angels
Rogue Angels k8 and Dawn with a hatchery steelhead. This guy went in the Catch Cooler fo sho'.

Rogue Angel Whitney Gould and Hatchery Brat
Rogue Angel Whitney Gould holds up a hatchery steelhead.