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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Dockhouse.

The Dockhouse.
The Dockhouse. k8 iphone photo
Leaning tower of King Salmon Creek, den of minks, camp robber convenience store, toilet of bats, bear's bacon buffet, breaker of rod tips, mildew-er of gear, vacuum sealer oil pan, pro cure pink, museum of life jackets, extra candy drawer, wader disaster zone, wall of shame, did you write down the weight?, fish box stacks, npr playing, outhouse side yard, is the freezer on?, and guide beers.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Barn...

...Important business goes on inside these walls. You'll find the Taylor Farm Hunt Journal stashed in the dusty corner, the white wicker "Deer Hunter" chair, and several different kinds of bourbon. You'll get dressed out here in your hunting clothes, so leave your muddy boots and dirty stinky bloody coveralls on the hat tree. Prop your rifle along the nails in the side of the work bench. Grab Dad a beer when you get one and pull up a chair-just not the deer hunter chair, there's some stories to tell.

The guns in the shed


Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

Plunkers Paradise...the Neandertal Hut.

Not as fancy as some, but throw in some big palm leaves and you've got shelter. Let's just hope the river doesn't rise while you are sittin' there plunkin'

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Plunkers Paradise....that's all it was....

Plunkers Paradise I, originally uploaded by k8.Rogue Angels.

(sung to the tune of Pimper's Paradise by Bob Marley) was a plunker's paradise....

So begins the first in a series of Plunkers Paradise..... after spending the New Year out on some gravel bar..woken up...what time is it? odark30....that's not someone trying to steal my run-that's a Plunker, setting up their spot for the day.

A week later I'm floating by one, two, oh! three supreme residences for the daily plunker...wood stoves, chairs, roofs, was that a refrigerator? I see Larry's favorite cup hanging on a nail...

Next outing I find myself lined up at the sweetest gravel bar since the Sk*&^$ runs....spey rod in hand, beautiful pink goat ostrich dog pheasant tied on and there is no way I am getting past that line of plunkers...holy crap its 15 deep out here. Not even mentioning those two dudes in hip waders throwing the baitcaster....are they crazy or what.....wait a minute, who is crazy here? Sure those Plunkers are gonna stay in relatively one spot all day waiting for a fish to come along and tag their line.....I, on the other hand, am going to move around whipping and tossing and rolling and shooting and rocketing and stepping and hoping and holding onto all faith and wishing for the mercy of god for a fish to come along and tag MY line....who is crazy? I mean at least they get to drink beer all day.....And not give a f&*^ if their waders leak.....

Here's to Plunkers and their Paradise....more to come!