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Wild Coho Salmon on the North Oregon Coast

Touting the losers battle cry, “But the weather was beautiful and it sure was nice to just be out there”, we fished well.  As it comes with steelhead, there are no guarantees.   The ups and downs, the unpredictable weather, the wild water swirling around your knees, all juxtaposed with your sense of place in the… keep reading →

Where I Stand, After The Rain.

I’d like to think winter steelheading can be a guarantee.  Who wouldn’t?  Having spent more time winter steelheading casting than catching, I’m not naive.  However, it’s not absurd to think after a heavy rain armed with confidence and skill, you could undoubtedly hook into a steelhead on the right river.  And well, making that decision… keep reading →

Thank Goodness it was Snowing.

These past three months I’ve resigned myself to not being home and anyway calling a place home that you frequent for three months a year is probably a joke….I’ve spent more time in my camper in the last 90 days than at a mailing address mostly fishing and a fair amount of hunting. From BC… keep reading →